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Offline/Desktop / Screenshot Only / Don't Open Browser / Copy Link

Here's what we're currently thinking: Local Screenshots: For cases where users only want to take a screenshot and do not need to annotate at that moment, they would be saved locally and can be done offline and accessed from the desktop app menu for copy, download, share link. If later you wanted to annotate, you could open Markup Hero in the browser or click the desktop app menu to push to the server. So all annotating would still happen in browser. Example: if you take a local screenshot (CMD + SHIFT + 2) then you could later decide to open in the web annotator. But if you only wanted a screenshot, then this method would be faster and not open the browser. Future: Depending on feedback from the above solution, we may later offer desktop annotation capability. But our current assessment from users is that the offline/desktop screenshot method would cover 50+ percent of use cases so we may not end up doing desktop annotation.

Jeff Solomon posted 5 months ago
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