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almost 2 years ago

Combine Markups ➕ Draw Straight 🖊️ & more

We’ve released new features and improvements on Markup Hero:
  1. Combine & Duplicate Markups ➕ - Now you can paste a Markup Hero Share Link into the URL input on to duplicate it OR paste it into the URL input on Add Pages to add that markup to another markup as a new page(s).
  2. Draw Straight Lines w/ the Pen & Highlighter 🖊️ - Hold SHIFT while while drawing with the Pen or Highlighter tool to make a straight line.
  3. Resize To Fit Text 📝 - Select any Textbox or Callout Arrow Textbox and double click the left side or right side transformer box to automatically fit the textbox width to the text.
    fit-text-box.gif 19.23 KB
We’ve also fixed a couple pesky bug along the way.