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over 1 year ago

Team Members ⚽, Invoices 🧾 & more

We’ve released a host of important updates to Markup Hero in the past 24 hours:
  1. Team Members ⚽ - Now you can add and manage team members from your own account. This feature includes centralized billing and basic permissioning. Add your first team member on us using the code 1MONTHFREE if you are on a monthly plan or 3MONTHFREE if you are on an annual plan.
  2. Invoices 🧾 - You can now download your invoices from your account and keep your accounting team happy. Visit Account > View Invoices to browse and download.
  3. Collab 👯 - Bug Fixes - Allow others to collaborate on markups with you with our new Collab feature. This allows any Hero or Superhero user to add annotations to your markup if you share the link with them. Their annotations will have their own unique layer. Each markup allows for up to 20 collaborators. As the owner of the markup you can always remove any collaborators. By default only your annotations show to a viewer. To learn more about collaboration click here.
We’ve also improved PDF export, signature rendering, cropping, and zoom making it all faster and more reliable.