9 days ago

Improved Canvas Performance

We've significantly improved the performance of our annotation tools on large canvases. We've also fixed a couple bugs along the way. Happy annotating!

Now you can COLLAB 👯

We’ve released a powerful new feature on Markup Hero:
  1. Collab 👯 - Allow others to collaborate on markups with you with our new Collab feature. This allows any Hero or Superhero user to add annotations to your markup if you share the link with them. Their annotations will have their own unique layer. Each markup allows for up to 20 collaborators. As the owner of the markup you can always remove any collaborators. By default only your annotations show to a viewer. To learn more about collaboration click here.
We’ve also improved PDF import making is faster and more reliable.

ZOOM 🔍: Finally it’s here

We’ve released new features and improvements on Markup Hero:
  1. Zoom 🔍 - Now you can ZOOM! This was a big one for us. Use cmd + or ctrl + to zoom in and cmd - or ctrl - to zoom out on any markup. You can also Fit to width, Fit to height, or show the markup as Actual size.
  2. New Toolbar UI 🧰 - We’ve consolidated all the tools into a single, easy-to-use dropdown. We will soon add keyboard shortcuts to switch between tools like a pro.

Combine Markups ➕ Draw Straight 🖊️ & more

We’ve released new features and improvements on Markup Hero:
  1. Combine & Duplicate Markups ➕ - Now you can paste a Markup Hero Share Link into the URL input on to duplicate it OR paste it into the URL input on Add Pages to add that markup to another markup as a new page(s).
  2. Draw Straight Lines w/ the Pen & Highlighter 🖊️ - Hold SHIFT while while drawing with the Pen or Highlighter tool to make a straight line.
  3. Resize To Fit Text 📝 - Select any Textbox or Callout Arrow Textbox and double click the left side or right side transformer box to automatically fit the textbox width to the text.
    fit-text-box.gif 19.23 KB
We’ve also fixed a couple pesky bug along the way.

New Callout Arrow 🏹

We’ve released new features and improvements on Markup Hero:
  1. Callout Arrow - We’ve combined our text box and arrow to create super fast way to callout feedback on any markup. Find the Callout Arrow under the Arrow tool dropdown.
    callout.gif 311.21 KB
  2. Copy / Paste Improvements - Pasting an annotation object onto a new page or markup now places it in the center part of your screen for easy access to reposition.

Rotate Canvas 🔄 & more

We’ve released new features and improvements on Markup Hero:
  1. Rotate Canvas - It’s finally here! You can now rotate any page using the new Rotate Canvas feature.
    Rotate Canvas-mh.png 51.95 KB
  2. Crop Canvas - We’ve improved the Crop Canvas feature to be easier to use across devices. You can now both expand and shrink the canvas area with ease.
  3. Snap Rotation - Annotation objects now snap to the nearest 45 degree angle to make clean consistent markups when using the free rotate feature.

Now 🔗 Add Links 🔗 to you annotations and more!

We’ve pushed out good number of updates that we think you’ll find ✨ useful on Markup Hero ✨.
  1. Reorder Pages - Drag pages on the right hand nav to reorder pages within you markup.
  2. Add Links - Add URLs to any text box. Then long press or right click on the text box to open the URL(s) in a new tab. Any viewer of the markup can click on the text box and either open the URL(s) in a new tab or even copy all the text to your clipboard.
    add-link-textbox.png 265.81 KB
  3. Copy Text - Anyone can now simply copy text from your text box annotations. As a markup owner long press or right click on the text box to open the context menu. As a markup viewer simply click on the text box to open the context menu and select Copy Text.
  4. Cut, Copy & Paste Annotation Objects - Now any annotation object can be cut, copied and pasted easily across markups. Just select the annotation object and use cmd X, cmd C, and cmd V.
  5. Drag & Drop to Insert Image - Drag and drop any image (JPG, PNG, SVG etc) from your finder into your markup page to insert images.
Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for using Markup Hero. Happy annotating!

Google Drive Integration - Resolve Loading Errors

We've fixed a couple pesky bugs with our Google Drive integration and now provide better error handling when issues do arrive. Please see our detailed help doc for more information.

Offline screenshots are here 🖥️

We've updated our desktop app! The release includes an option for offline screenshots that copy straight to your clipboard when you don't need to save or add annotations. Download the latest version here.

Windows 11 Support Is Here 💻

We have updated our desktop app to support both Windows 10 & Windows 11! If you are using Windows make sure to download the latest version today.

Improved Scrolling Screenshots 📸

We've significantly improved our 📸 Scrolling Screenshot 📸 feature in our free Chrome Extension to better capture all types of websites. We've also improved the speed and performance of the Chrome Extension, including auto naming screenshots with the web page's title. Make sure to try out the extension next time you want to screenshot a website or even your desktop.
scrolling-screenshot.gif 4.21 MB

Note: If you already have the extension, this update will require you to approve the new permission requirements from the Chrome Web Store.

Add signatures 🖊️ plus improvements to PDF handling

We just released some useful updates to Markup Hero we wanted to let you know about:
  1. Add Signatures 🖊️ - Easily add signatures to your markups. Simple click our 'Add Signature' button, type your name and select your signature. Voila! You've just signed your first markup and it's ready to export.
    add-signature.gif 1.42 MB
  2. PDF Improvements 📄 - We've made real improvements to our PDF uploader — both to the processing speed and quality of renders. Try it out by uploading a PDF!

Insert SVGs 🖼️ , copy annotation text & cursor improvements

Happy Friday annotation heroes and superheroes! Today we released some new features and improvements to Markup Hero.
  1. Insert SVGs 🖼️ - You can now insert SVG graphics along with PNGs and JPGs into your markups using the insert image feature!
    insert-image.gif 3.25 MB
  2. Copy annotation text ⌨️ - When selecting text annotations you've added to a markup you can now copy the text using CTRL C on Windows and CMD C on Mac.
  3. Cursor improvements ↔️ - When editing a text annotation you can use your keyboard left, right, up, and down arrows to move within a text box without triggering a move to the next / previous page in a markup.

Scrolling Screenshot - Chrome Extension - Version 1

We've updated our Chrome Extension to now have scrolling screenshot feature! This is the first iteration of our scrolling screenshot and we plan to continue to improve it.

Chrome Extension Update

We have also updated the Chrome Extension shortcuts to improve conflicts with other tools and apps as well as added a quick `Screenshot Tab` feature with improved image quality. Get started by installing the extension today!

Sort Markups into Collections

We've updated tags to now be collections. As a Superhero, you can now add and sort your markups into collections from your history. Begin by dragging the markup thumbnail image to start organizing!

In the future we plan on making shared collections as well.

Preview thumbnail integrations with various apps

Markups shared in the following apps will now render your latest annotations as the preview image along with you custom title:


Improved meta tags and og meta tags for shared markups

Markups will now display your custom title in when viewing them on the web

Improved Google Drive Authorization

We've improved our Google Drive integration authorization flow for browsers that block pop-ups. Install the our Google Drive app for free.

Custom hotkeys for desktop screenshot app

Our new improved desktop app 1.1.2 for Mac & Windows has customizable keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots and open your markups. Download the update here!

PDF conversion & rendering

We made significant improvements to the service that converts and renders PDFs. This should help speed up uploads and keep image heavy PDFs working smoothly.

Increased max file size from 8MB to 50MB for Superhero plan

We've increased the upload limit for Superhero's to begin accommodating larger PDFs.


  • Markup thumbnails now render markup and annotations you added to screenshots, images, PDFs, and websites in your history.

Add Pages

  • You can now Add Pages to any markup. To add a page(s) click the Add Pages button at the bottom of any markup.

Major Update

  • We've added a support for editing markups on mobile and tablet! Happy annotating.
  • We've added a Delete Object button to clearly show you when and how to delete an object while editing.
  • We've reworked history to be easier to navigate. It's now accessible through the Markups button on the nav. View your history here.
  • Superhero accounts can now add tags to organize their markups as well as star important markups for quick access in history. Upgrade here to try it out!

Tools Improvements

  • We've expanded the text size range to allow for smaller and larger fonts. To adjust font outside the default size presets you can simply drag the corner of the text box to scale up and down to fit your needs.

Tools Updates

  • We've added the ability to toggle the rectangle and oval tool to be outlined or filled. So now you can toggle the text, rectangle, and oval.

Minor Updates

  • You can now paste a link to an image to create a new markup. Try it out here.

Minor Updates

  • We released an update to our Slack app to include PDF annotations. Now you can annotate any image or PDF straight from Slack channels and direct messages. Learn more and install the app for free here.

Release Log

  • Markup tool settings are now saved locally so that you continue marking up images and screenshots with your most recent selected tool, font weight, line thickness, and color.

Minor Updates

  • Users can now delete markups they own or created. To delete a markup open the hamburger menu > click on the 3 dots to the right of any of your markups in the My Markups history tab > select Delete markup.

Integration Improvements

  • Integrations improved for Slack, Telegram, iMessage, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – all shared links now show the screenshot with all markup included in the image preview along with link to view/edit the markup

Minor Updates

  • Markup text now has a background to make it easier to read and stand out. Easily toggle it on and off with a click.

Minor Updates

  • Tool tips
  • Profile avatar dropdown for faster navigating
  • Quick access to whats new, this page!

Minor Update

  • Fix line thickness on window scaling for circle, square and pen tool

Minor Update

  • Copy image to clipboard and paste directly into the /new screen

Beta Release

  • Save history panel open/closed to user session
  • Add auto-load pages to markup history panel
  • Duplicate images to edit

Minor Updates

  • Redo/Undo buttons w/ hotkeys
  • Mobile browser optimizations
  • Desktop app v1.1 with UX redesign and secure signing on Mac/Win

Release Notes

  • View history of created markups and markups shared with you
  • Rotate objects to make markups in your own creation style
  • Take screenshots and add markup from anywhere anytime

Minor Updates

  • Copy link to clipboard on other browsers
  • Add color pallet to drawing tools

Alpha Release

  • View history of created markups and markups shared with you
  • ​Duplicate shared markup and make your own edits
  • Resize text with a drag of your mouse
  • ​Change color for any tool and text
  • ​Increase thickness for tools and text

Release Notes

  • Make arrow editable
  • Account login/logout/signup

Release Notes

  • Type, arrow, box, circle, pen tools
  • Upload image
  • URL to screenshot
  • Screenshot desktop app v1 Mac/Win